Creating a stress-free environment for children to learn and grow.

Simply Squared, previously operating as Squared Charts, found themselves in a pivotal growth phase, poised to broaden their product range. In light of this expansion, they sought a comprehensive transformation encompassing a new name, branding, and an entirely fresh brand identity. We were approached to spearhead this transformative journey, tasked with crafting a compelling brand narrative, establishing a clear direction, and fulfilling all branding needs to facilitate their business expansion, from the renaming process to the grand launch.


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The Journey.

When entrusted with the task of reimagining and revitalising an established brand, our mission was to honour the brand’s hard-earned trust and reputation while paving the way for its expansion into the realm of educational toys, extending an enticing hand to new horizons. We embarked on a journey, weaving an intricate brand story and strategy, and crafting a vision that breathed new life into the business.

During the naming process, we gracefully retained the essence of the original brand by seamlessly integrating ‘Squared’ into the fresh moniker, resulting in the elegant ‘Simply Squared.’

Subsequently, we meticulously applied our branding alchemy, conjuring an elevated, approachable, and childlike brand identity that harmoniously resonated with the brand’s product range, infusing its character into every facet of the enterprise.

These invaluable assets and strategic directions became the building blocks for our client as they crafted a Shopify website. We, in turn, lent our creative finesse and digital touch, ensuring the website radiated the brand’s vision in an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly manner, a digital masterpiece with a touch of sophistication.


Simply Squared seamlessly transitioned from its previous brand to the new one, effectively implementing the change across all platforms and touchpoints. The refreshed brand now exudes a vibrant and robust identity, poised to propel its business into exciting new realms.

Their newly curated Shopify website stands as a testament to their unique identity, setting them apart from the crowd with its captivating and distinctive appeal.


What the client thought.

The minute we started working with Justine it was very clear she was the perfect person to help us rebrand our business, she just got it! 

The whole process was just amazing, it felt like she was part of our team and actually wanted our brand to thrive.

Knowing we were working directly with Justine and that she was available whenever we needed to discuss anything made the process so fun and easy. 

She is truly an amazing creative who got us to see our brand in a new light, and came up with things we would have never thought of. We are so proud of what we were able to achieve by working with Justine. 

We are so in love with our brand, it reflects who we are and what we wanted it to look and feel like. Highly recommend Malone Co, truly a pleasure to work with.

Thank you Justine for everything”.