We’re a dedicated team of versatile creatives, each skilled in multiple disciplines, all united by a singular focus: you and your brand. Meet the creatives who are ready to support and elevate your vision.

We may be small in size, but our multidisciplinary expertise empowers us to accompany you every step of the way, from concept to launch, ensuring your vision is realized with precision and excellence.

The Commons Member Spotlight

Justine Malone.

+ Founder/Creative Directo
+ Branding/Graphic Designer
+ Digital Designer
+ Front-end Web Dev
+ Photographer
+ Podcast Hoast
+ Speaker

As the lead creative at Malone.Co, Justine brings over 15 years of invaluable experience, having collaborated with over 250 brands throughout her career. With a diverse skill set encompassing design, photography, and website development, she possesses a deep understanding of how projects evolve from concept to launch. Passionate about connecting individuals with their brand narratives, Justine thrives on crafting compelling stories that seamlessly integrate a person’s identity with their business vision. With a hands-on approach, she works directly with each client, meticulously aligning projects with their unique brand identity and vision.

The Commons Member Spotlight

Enja Fullsta.

+ Digital Design
+ Branding/Graphic Design
+ Front-End web dev
+ Retoucher
+ Best BTS on set

Enja, hailing from Sweden, brings a distinct Scandinavian design sensibility to the Malone.Co team. With a keen eye for trends and a multi-disciplinary approach, she consistently delivers designs that are both timeless and on the cutting edge. As Justine’s right-hand designer, Enja plays a pivotal role in bringing visions to life, seamlessly blending her expertise in graphic design with her skill as a retoucher. Additionally, her proficiency as a digital design and front-end web developer adds invaluable depth to the team, ensuring cohesive and functional design solutions across all platforms.

The Commons Member Spotlight


+ Hot Dog of Collingwood
+ Studio snoozer
+ Fur therapist
+ Silent Podcast co-host
+ Major distraction

Toffee is here for the fur love! When he’s not snoozing the day away or playing catch with flies, he’s strutting his stuff in his ever-changing wardrobe, always in style for every season. Besides being the coolest canine on the block, Toffee doubles as your go-to therapy dog. Need a hug? Toffee’s got you covered. Just want someone to gaze into your soul with those adorable eyes? Toffee’s your guy. He’s the fashion-forward furball who’s always ready to fetch smiles and brighten your day!

We’re incredibly fortunate to collaborate with a dedicated team of creative professionals who consistently support us in delivering top-notch video production and custom website coding services. With their expertise and commitment, we ensure that every project is executed flawlessly, meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Matt Cleaves


Matt is a filmmaker who loves turning life’s moments into cinematic gems. From indie projects to bigger gigs, he’s just passionate about making stories come alive on screen, where every frame tells a simple tale with heart.


Tim McCartney


Tim, a seasoned cinematographer, enhances Malone.Co with his diverse industry experience. He excels at capturing authentic moments, infusing our projects with edgy flair. With Tim’s talent, we create impactful and emotive content, elevating our clients’ brands with authenticity and resonance.


Anthony Farrugia


Proudly partnered with Anthony to enhance e-commerce Shopify websites with custom features. With his expertise in Shopify code and design, Anthony transforms sites into bespoke digital spaces, empowering us to elevate e-commerce platforms with unique features.


Anne Parnell


Anne is our invaluable ally for complex WordPress websites at M+C. Her expertise extends beyond development to ongoing maintenance, providing our clients with a reassuring level of security and support.


Miranda Malone


Miranda, our indispensable fashionista and behind-the-scenes (BTS) support, is always on hand to assist our clients with whatever they need, ensuring seamless operations on set.




Edii, our trusted hair and makeup artist, is the heartbeat of our team. Loved by clients and models alike for her nurturing demeanour, she consistently delivers impeccable work. Dependable and punctual, Edii ensures every individual feels confident and beautiful, adding a touch of professionalism and warmth to every project.