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Beth Wilson

Founder/ Saint Jack

Beth Wilson, Founder of Saint Jack, transformed a simple “why can’t I do that” moment into a 7x sellout success. In a captivating podcast with Justine Malone, Beth reveals her journey from a small idea to a must-have brand for makeup artists. In this episode, Beth shares her strategies for maintaining engagement and creating fresh content, proving the power of targeted branding. We explore the inspiration behind Saint Jack, the importance of brand recognition, and the key factors to consider before rebranding. Tune in for a dose of inspiration, humour, and actionable advice on building a successful brand.




The Power of Vision

Beth Wilson, the brilliant mind behind Saint Jack, turned a small, overlooked problem into a makeup industry sensation. In her interview with Justine Malone, Beth shared her journey from a “why can’t I do that” moment to achieving seven sellouts of her single product: a brush cleaner. Yes, a brush cleaner! It’s not glamorous, but it’s essential for makeup enthusiasts and artists. Beth’s story is a testament to the power of strong branding and a clear vision.

Beth didn’t let doubts stop her. She saw a need and filled it with a product that, while not revolutionary, became indispensable thanks to its branding. Saint Jack’s success underscores the importance of connecting with your audience through your brand’s identity. If your brand speaks to your target audience, it can make even the simplest product a must-have.

In the podcast, Beth and Justine dive into the importance of brand recognition and the right time to rebrand. They explore the idea of getting bored with your own brand and the crucial factors to consider before embarking on a rebranding journey. Beth’s insights and humor make this episode both informative and entertaining. Tune in for a dose of inspiration and actionable advice on building and maintaining a successful brand.


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