35mm Co Film

35mm Co Film
Shooting film made easy.

Madison Stefanis, owner, founder and entrepreneur, approached Malone + Co to refresh the 35mmco.com website in preparation for the launch of the new product and business model. The idea to produce a new reusable 35mm film camera was brilliant! In a world where our photo albums are digital and easily forgotten, our photo filters blurring reality and our connection to our devices are…well…obsessive, Madi saw an opportunity to bring back the honest truth to capturing memories, real life, disconnecting and enjoying the moment once again. This product has created that nostalgic feel we all long for.


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The Journey.

Madi’s business, 35mm Co was going through a restructure. From selling repurposed vintage cameras to a home model ‘The Reloader’ and ‘Snap Film’. We needed to refocus the website and the user experience to highlight and push 2 single products. We balanced simplicity with excitement, paired a range of product photography, models and video to create a feeling of energy and ‘cool’. The site is not heavy with technical talk about how the camera works or functions. It’s fun, quick and effortless…just like the product. 

Madi sold out in the first 15 hours post-launch! Wow!
35mm Co is now an energised and engaging website, planned and built with room for expansion as the product range grows. It’s cool and trendy, yet not out of reach for the everyday person to enjoy and become a part of.

What the client thought.


“I saw Malone + Co’s work on social media and loved their website design and layout. Justine has worked with some of my favourite e-commerce brands and I love her clever and strategic website builds (beautiful and conversion-optimized. The process was so easy and simple. Justine is fantastic at communicating every step of the process, I always felt informed and knew what was happening. She is great at taking on feedback and making adjustments where needed. I now have a beautiful new website and am so happy with the outcome and features it has. It showcases our products beautifully and I can’t wait to keep building on it and implementing new features as 35mm Co grows”.

Madison Stefanis – FOUNDER 35MM CO