Boa Basics

Unisex clothing with a timeless palette.

With a wholesome and natural feel, Boa Basics encourage clean dressing through timeless, unisex styles & colours that can be mixed and matched with ease and passed or shared between siblings. We worked with Boa Basics to produce campaign-quality photography and video, along with a Shopify website refresh.  


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+ Justine Malone
+ Tim McCartney
+ Ben Gillard
+ Makeup By Edii


The Journey.

Our project with Boa Basics was more than just a professional undertaking for us at Malone + Co – it was a personal endeavour. We were thrilled to partner with Boa Basics, a brand that shares our passion for sustainability and ethical fashion. From the very beginning, we were invested in understanding their brand story, their values, and their goals. We worked closely with the Boa Basics team, to truly understand their vision for their brand. 

We created brand photography and video content that not only captured the essence of Boa Basics but also reflected our shared commitment to sustainability and conscious fashion. We poured our hearts into the project, and the end result was a collection of breathtaking visuals that brought Boa Basics’ brand identity to life. Updating their website was also a labour of love, as we strived to create a seamless and enjoyable online experience for their customers. It was truly rewarding to see the positive impact our work had on Boa Basics’ brand presence and their ability to connect with their audience in a more authentic and meaningful way.