+ Bachelor in Visual Communication & Design
+ Honours in Graphic Design
+ Masters in Business Management (Cert 1).

We all have a reason for showing up every day. What motivates Justine Malone, is an innate desire to tell stories through design.


Justine Malone has lived a life less ordinary. Born in South Africa, some of her earliest memories are of her father tinkering with a small boat in her backyard — unaware that the humble vessel would become her home for more than two years.

After selling everything they owned, her family set off across the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean, immersing Justine — then aged just 10 — in rich cultures, languages and people while also facing harrowing storms and periods of vast isolation, sometimes lasting more than 30 days at sea.

It was an experience that ultimately shaped Justine and her unique outlook on life and formed the foundation of her limitless creativity, sharp focus and enduring optimism.

After completing a Bachelor in Visual Communication & Design and Honours in Graphic Design, Justine honed her skills and expertise across a range of in-house, agency and freelance roles in design and advertising, working with world-class brand strategies for a roll-call of iconic brands including Spec Savers, Brooks, Helly Hansen, Prince Tennis, and The Melbourne Food And Wine Festival. After undertaking a Masters in Business Management, Justine took a leap of faith and launched her own business, instantly attracting high-calibre clients, including a long-term engagement with the AFL.

In January 2021, Justine launched the next chapter of her business, Malone + Co.

Drawing on her innate curiousness, creativity and commercial sensibility, Justine’s designs do more than sit pretty —they invite connection, encourage conversation and create order from chaos to resonate and inspire.

As the designer, creative director, and the soulful heart of Malone + Co, Justine is passionate about helping businesses and entrepreneurs shape their ideas into engaging brand identities.

Championing and empowering her clients at every step of the creative process, Justine is open, accessible and values building relationships of trust with her clients and creative talent.

Fuelled by collaboration, Justine’s creative solutions are supported by fellow industry leaders to offer her clients complete end-to-end branding and design that communicate excellence and joy at every touchpoint.